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Proteos can start a project where YOU want to start!

Proteos offers comprehensive support in protein expression and purification for the biotech industry -- starting a project where YOU want to start.


Proteos – Your Research Partner from Gene to Purified Protein

Our Promise: Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the reason for Proteos’ ongoing success and why customers continue to return with new requests.

The reason is simple – production of quality proteins, adhering to customer timelines, and timely communications through the process.

We work through the Request for Quotation process to assure that we understand the specifications of your project before we begin. We clarify the specifications to assure that the protein meets your requirements. Based on this information, we begin your project within 1 week of receiving your purchase order. Most projects are milestone driven, thus keeping you in control throughout the process and allowing you to manage critical decisions and effectively manage your outsourcing budget. Proteos is committed to assuring that you know the exact status of your project, therefore you will receive 'real-time' updates. Lastly, we understand the importance of your timelines, and are committed to timely delivery of your protein.

Customer satisfaction is our goal for every project.

Proteos Update - July 2014

Martin R. Deibel, PhD has elected to retire from Proteos, effective July 1, 2014.  Marty has been with Proteos since 2003, rising from the Head of Protein Purification to become the company’s Chief Scientific Officer (CSO). 

Prior to joining Proteos, Marty received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the Ohio State University, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship and research assistant professorship at the University of Kentucky in the Department of Biochemistry. His industrial experience includes 19 years at Upjohn/Pharmacia in Kalamazoo in leading team efforts in production, purification and assay development of key target proteins in a number of therapeutic areas. He has over 75 peer-reviewed papers in protein science.

Marty has been an outstanding contributor to the success of Proteos over the years and we wish him much happiness and good health going forward. While we seek a replacement to fill his vacancy, the CSO responsibilities will be divided between Mary Shuck (Director/Team Leader, Protein Expression and Cell Biology Lab) and Lindsey Gottler (Director/Team Leader, Protein Purification and Biochemistry Lab). We will provide continued high-quality service to our current and future clients during this transition.

MDeibel Portrait 2012 120x150




About Our Company

Proteos, Inc. is a contract research organization located in Kalamazoo, MI that specializes in providing research grade recombinant proteins for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science communities.

Mammalian Cell Expression
Proteos offers custom mammalian cell expression, providing consultation and optimization of services for each project.
Insect Cell Expression
Insect cells offer high levels of recombinant protein expression with proper posttranslational modifications, and are...
Baculovirus Titering Service
Proteos offers baculovirus titering services for quantitation of infectious virus particles per milliliter of culture...
Bacterial Expression
Bacterial expression is a rapid and economical system for high level production of recombinant proteins.

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