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Proteos can start a project where YOU want to start!

Proteos offers comprehensive support in protein expression and purification for the biotech industry -- starting a project where YOU want to start.


Proteos – Your Research Partner from Gene to Purified Protein

Our Promise: Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the reason for Proteos’ ongoing success and why customers continue to return with new requests.

The reason is simple – production of quality proteins, adhering to customer timelines, and timely communications through the process.

We work through the Request for Quotation process to assure that we understand the specifications of your project before we begin. We clarify the specifications to assure that the protein meets your requirements. Based on this information, we begin your project within 1 week of receiving your purchase order. Most projects are milestone driven, thus keeping you in control throughout the process and allowing you to manage critical decisions and effectively manage your outsourcing budget. Proteos is committed to assuring that you know the exact status of your project, therefore you will receive 'real-time' updates. Lastly, we understand the importance of your timelines, and are committed to timely delivery of your protein.

Customer satisfaction is our goal for every project.

Proteos Update - March 2015

We want to put our comprehensive knowledge in protein expression and purification to work for your research team.

Proteos is ready to express your recombinant protein projects in mammalian, insect, and bacterial cell systems.  Our on-site expression and purification services are customized to each client's specifications in an effort to achieve your purity and yield targets.

  • While we do not operate under GLP or GMP conditions, we do offer production of proteins that are often used by our customers for POC studies prior to more expensive investment in GLP/GMP processes. 

  • Proteos produces recombinant proteins of all classes (e.g., kinases, proteases, cytokines, etc.) and have been involved in production of recombinant antigens for immunization research.  

  • We are a company that will take on protein projects for which protein expression and purification processes have not yet been determined by the customer, or we will follow customer provided protocols exactly as listed. 

  • We can make your 2015 budget go farther with discounts on the bundling of multiple projects.

Let us provide you a quote!


Welcome Dr. Jody Berry!

J Berry - web portrait 2015

Dr. Jody Berry is the new Chief Scientific Officer at Proteos, Inc. and is responsible for overseeing all science-related activities and ensuring the scientific excellence of the company. Prior to joining Proteos in February 2015, Dr. Berry was the Director of Research – Antibody Discovery at Becton-Dickinson Biosciences in La Jolla, CA. He brings over 16 years of broad hands-on expertise in antibody technology, which uniquely spans all aspects from research, diagnostics to therapeutic product development. Dr. Berry has held academic cross-appointments with the Dept Medical Microbiology, and the Department of Immunology at the University of Manitoba, mentoring and teaching graduate and undergraduate scientists.

Dr. Berry received his B.Sc. (Hons) in Microbiology at the University of Manitoba specializing in tissue culture output and his PhD in Medical Microbiology on the creation of links between molecular interaction of host and pathogen via antibody recognition of protective epitopes against the major outer membrane proteins of Chlamydia trachomatis. Following this he went to the Scripps Research Institute to study antibody library generation, Fc - fusions and immune conjugate designs with Carlos Barbas, III. He created innovative mAb immune libraries from humans, mice and rabbits, and also further developed his classical mAb expertise via interactions with the Lerner Hybridoma laboratory.

Dr. Berry went on to head a Monoclonal Antibody Facility he set up for Canada's National Centre for Foreign Animal Disease (NCFAD/ CFIA). Dr. Berry set up an another mAb research laboratory for the National Microbiology Laboratory (NML/PHAC) which performs unique antibody technology for bacteria, viruses and toxins, and also served as the Chief of Emerging Bacterial Pathogens at the Canadian Science Centre for Human and Animal Health in Winnipeg. Dr. Berry subsequently joined Cangene Corporation as Director of Research and Development and established a new laboratory of Molecular Immunology where his team created novel recombinant, humanized and fully human mAb therapeutics. He has experience designing and developing strategy and testing for novel studies in support of NBEs for FDA requirements.


About Our Company

Proteos, Inc. is a contract research organization located in Kalamazoo, MI that specializes in providing research grade recombinant proteins for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science communities.

Mammalian Cell Expression
Proteos offers custom mammalian cell expression, providing consultation and optimization of services for each project.
Insect Cell Expression
Insect cells offer high levels of recombinant protein expression with proper posttranslational modifications, and are...
Baculovirus Titering Service
Proteos offers baculovirus titering services for quantitation of infectious virus particles per milliliter of culture...
Bacterial Expression
Bacterial expression is a rapid and economical system for high level production of recombinant proteins.

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